Wellbeing And Performance Coaching To Assist Young Athletes & Teams Acheive Their Potential.

Empowering The Next Generation For Success.

Getting to the top in any profession is a challenge. Competition is fierce and the margins for error are small and getting smaller. And that only concerns the external environment of our competitors.

The real competition is internal. The internal environment or our mindset is the real battleground where victory will be won or lost. The 5 inches between our ears are either our greatest ally or biggest enemy. Doubt, lack of belief, inconsistency and the never-ending distractions that invade our thoughts weaken our resolve to improve.

Talent will take us so far. Hard work will determine a lot; however, it is in creating habits to support a positive mindset that will enable talent and hard work to shine. You may have the interest or strong desire in creating success, however having the right plan and effective resilience strategies will determine how quickly you get there.


I work with people like you. People who want to make it in sport/business/life and are humble enough to know they could do with help in getting there. Someone to assist them in determining these plans, take actions and to be held accountable. A person in your corner!

What I do

1. High Performance for young athletes (standards, routines and behaviours of the elite)

2. Building Confidence (a toolkit approach for managing doubt and developing belief)

3. Wellbeing (self-care, injury prevention, recovery and coming back after an injury)

4. A salutogenic approach to Mental Health (positive and proactive)

 5.Stress management (sleep hygiene, tools to relax, balancing the competing demands of life, managing performance anxiety)

6. Developing Resilience (The 5 C’s of Hardiness)

7. Cultivating a strong Mindset (ancient techniques to build focus, willpower and flow)



Send me an email and we’ll have a chat about how I can best support your goals.