Integrated Performance Coaching To Assist Young Athletes & Teams Achieve Their Potential.

Empowering The Next Generation For Success.

Getting to the top and staying at the top in any profession is a challenge.

Competition is fierce and the difference between success and failure are small.

The competition is internal.  The 5 inches between your ears are either your greatest ally or biggest enemy. Doubt, lack of belief, inconsistency, procrastination and the never-ending distractions that invade your thoughts weaken your resolve to improve.

Talent will take you so far. Hard work will determine a lot; however, future elite performance will be built upon the complete alignment of body, mind and spirit. An athlete that is physically and mentally superior, and also living to their fullest expression of freedom, expansion and joy in what they do.

You may have the burning desire, however, do you have the right strategy to turn that desire into reality?

A process for daily, consistent improvement in these areas of body, mind and spirit.


I work with people like you. Your desire is strong. You want to make it in sport/business/life and are hungry and humble enough to seek help in getting there. Someone to provide a dedicated strategy that enables you to be your absolute best. A person in your corner!

What I do

1. High Performance for young athletes (standards, routines and behaviours of the elite)

2. Building Confidence (a toolkit approach for managing doubt and developing belief)

3. Wellbeing (self-care, injury prevention, recovery and coming back after an injury)

4. A salutogenic approach to Mental Health (positive and proactive)

 5.Stress management (sleep hygiene, tools to relax, balancing the competing demands of life, managing performance anxiety)

6. Developing Resilience (The 5 C’s of Hardiness)

7. Cultivating a strong Mindset (ancient techniques to build focus, willpower and flow)


Geoff has worked with our Teir 1 Academy players in the areas of Wellbeing and High Performance. He has made a significant contribution to our program through his genuine care and professional approach to getting the best out of our players. We look forward to continuing working with Geoff in the Reds Academy.
Dale Roberson
Dale RobersonHead Coach Qld Reds Academy
Geoff’s chats around leadership and getting the leaders together during camp prior to the season has been beneficial.
Scott Gale
Scott GaleFirst XV Rugby Head Coach Toowoomba Grammar School
Geoff worked with the Terrace First XI squad prior to the 2024 season, working specifically on game preparation and theming. He came and observed our training and provided feedback on areas for development. Throughout his involvement with the program the boys were highly engaged, with Geoff creating an atmosphere where the boys could openly contribute. Testament to his message, we were able to see the immediate impact of Geoff’s input after each session and he greatly contributed to our season preparation.
Tom O'Malley
Tom O’MalleyFirst XI Cricket Coach St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace


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