I am a former Physical Education teacher and school leader who has been working with young people for over 20years. Throughout this time, I have worked with thousands of young people and sporting teams helping them achieve success on and off the field. In more recent times I have applied this experience in working with young people and organisations that support elite athletic development. As a persistent learner, I am always eager to engage with people looking to reach the next level

My plan at a young age was always simple. Create the perfect lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast. Living a life of early morning surfs followed by school PE teaching. Thrown into First XV Rugby Coaching, my philosophy of integration between head, heart and spirit and going ‘All in’ lead to 3 consecutive First XV premierships within 5 years.

Changes, Challenges and Growth

However, evolution demands constant assessment of where we are at and where we are going. My next change and growth experienced occurred as Head of Sport and Physical Education in the remote indigenous community of Wadeye in the northwest of the Northern Territory. Challenging, testing and unforgettable experience was the basis for my first of a number school leadership positions as Head of Campus and Assistant Principal in Cairns and Melbourne.

There were not normal schools. Designed for the disengaged, at risk and highly traumatised youth, leading these schools was a test of self-practice, empathy and best practice education pedagogies. Without a centred self and strong physical practice in the midst of such traumatised environments, holding space for staff and students, violence thrives, and with a great team around me, we achieved remarkable results.

Relocating to Brisbane and a new challenge dawned. Could my experiences and knowledge of Eastern philosophy be applied to optimising individual and team performance in areas of athletic and corporate performance?

This is the challenge I thrive on.

The next Level

Western science has taken us to the microscopic dimension of training, nutrition and recovery, yet by going so deep we have forgotten the whole. We have forgotten principles such as wholehearted consistent practice, deep self-reflection and an unwavering commitment to a work ethic driven on willpower and alignment of our integrated self.

I firmly believe we are now at a crossroads in athletic and human potential. We can continue to dissect until we are left with nothing; no fun, spirit or joy. Or we can reimagine how we develop our potential and integrate to become the whole and best version of our self.

As Australian and Olympic legend Herb Elliott states, ‘The best ingredients for success haven’t changed in 50 000 years. They are spirit, soul, body and mind.’

4 Pillars: Creating a Life on YOUR Terms

The 4 Pillars offers a template on how to shape your life towards fulfilment in these areas; where you learn to master your health, take control of your relationships, grow your finances and develop a clear and positive mindset.