Wellbeing and High Performance 

The quest for high performance begins on the foundation of Wellbeing. Wellbeing that is grounded in dimensions of continual growth in one’s physical health, mental health, emotional health, social health and spiritual health. Once an athlete (or any individual) makes the connection between their performance on the playing field and their attention to their Wellbeing, then the magic really starts.  

Instinctively we already know this. We know that we cannot function at our best if we are unwell or living in a state of ‘dis-ease’. Disease within our physical body but also disease within our internal dialogue. Excessive thinking, doubt and fear are all states that will prevent us from performing at our best. 

Similarly, our relationships. Our close relationships and friendships all have an impact on our results on the field. The Adlerian psychology theory states that all our problems stem from our relationships. It purports that humans are social beings and therefore all behavior is socially embedded and has social meaning (Watts, 2000). Adler highlighted the importance of relationships and being connected to others, including the larger community in which people reside. 

Ignoring these dimensions or overly investing in one domain at the expense of another, eg skill and physical development at the expense of mental training, will limit growth, resulting in unfilled or inconsistent results. The smart athlete understands this and works to develop the skills, habits and routines that maintains and nurtures all dimensions of their Wellbeing. 

Therefore, if an athlete is sincere in seeking high performance on a consistent basis, they must begin to prioritise the development of their own individual Wellbeing plan. A plan that includes all of the dimensions above that is regularly reviewed and monitored.  

The potential exists for athletes to become masters of their own Wellbeing, where they value and prioritise it as a cornerstone for their athletic performance. The work I do with individuals and teams is to develop this awareness and create these routines in all dimensions of Wellbeing that ultimately leads to sporting (and life) success.